Announcing Monthly Contest Winners!

Announcing Monthly Contest Winners!

Hello everyone,

To prepare our students for the real competitive exams and give them a feel of it, we have been conducting state-level IIT and NEET mock examinations during the month of October for our students from our various partner institutes. We have witnessed an amazing performance from the students and now it’s time to reward the best!

And, we have the following winners in the student category:


1. Harsha Hari, Edumax
2. Vishnu R Nair, RIJU & PSK Classes
3. Bijimol John, Edumax


  1. Shriraksha, Swamijis
  2. Sreeja Mol, Edumax
  3. Anisha MB, Coach India

And for the institute category,

  • Edumax (IIT)

  • Swamijis (NEET)

  • RIJU & PSK Classes (Overall)

All the student toppers will receieve certificate & cash prizes in the coming weeks! For those who haven’t made it to the top 3 this time, don’t worry you have the opportunity to do the same in November. Keep using Entri and move an inch closer to your dream of getting admit to your dream college.

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