How to Crack IBPS PO 2019 Exam Tips and Tricks

IBPS PO 2019 Exam Tips

The IBPS PO 2019 examinations are scheduled to be conducted on the 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th October 2019 for prelims and 30th November 2019 for the mains. If you are looking to enter the commercial banking sector, the IBPS PO examinations offer just the right opportunity. Public-sector banking is now a lucrative and much sought after industry by many aspirants because it offers unrivaled job security, attractive remuneration, steady career growth, and a desirable work-life balance. So, it is reasonable for any student (including yourself) to consider a career in the public sector banks, and that’s why we bring you the most crucial IBPS PO 2019 exam tips in this article so you can apply them all and maximize your chances of selection.

If you are an IBPS PO 2019 aspirant, you must leave no stone unturned to ensure that your preparation is thorough. On that note, here are some tips and tricks for the IBPS PO 2019 examination that you can apply to maximize your chances of scoring much more than the cutoff and clearing both the prelims and mains in one go.

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IBPS PO 2019 Exam Tips

In this article, there are 4 parts or tips that you need to ensure that you are following to maximize your chances of clearing the IBPS PO 2019 exams.

  1. Know your syllabus
  2. Take mocks seriously
  3. Analyze your performance
  4. Know when to omit

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Know Your Syllabus

The first and foremost mistake any IBPS PO aspirant can commit is to not be 100% aware or familiar with the syllabus for the examination. If you are planning to write the IBPS PO 2019 examinations, you must ensure that you do not make this mistake.

Like the previous years’ papers, the IBPS PO 2019 shall consist of two levels including the preliminary and the main exam. The syllabus for IBPS PO 2019 Prelims includes:

  • Reasoning: Logical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Seating Arrangement, Puzzles, Ranking & Direction, Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Coding Decoding, and Input Output
  • Quantitative Aptitude: Profit and Loss, Mixtures and Alligations, Surds, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Mensuration, Time and Distance, Number Systems, Number Series, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Data Interpretation, Ratio and Proportion, and Simplification
  • English: Cloze Test, Para-jumbles, Error Spotting, Paragraph Completion, Reading Comprehension, and Fill the Blanks

The point behind asking you to know the syllabus thoroughly is to ensure that you are not caught off-guard during the examination by some question from an unknown chapter or concept. From each of the three sections, you can identify the parts that can be the most difficult for any student, including yourself.

  • Logical Reasoning: seating arrangements can be particular confusing, but you cannot avoid them as they control a good portion of the total number of questions. Logical reasoning questions are about spotting the patterns, so that is a skill which can only be improved through consistent practice.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: data interpretation takes the most amount of marks here almost, so ensure that you do not miss studying this concept and practice it more than other concepts because the same might be necessary. Data interpretation questions may seem like they need obscene amounts of time, but that is not always the case; through consistent practice, you can learn to interpret the charts and tables effectively and quickly.
  • English: no particular concept in this section is difficult, but you shall benefit from having a better vocabulary overall. To improve the same, read newspapers everyday (avoid reading Bollywood news; focus on the articles that you think have an impact on our country and society, pick up words from those articles, list them down, and use them in your everyday speech either with others or while talking to yourself).

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Take IBPS PO Mocks Seriously

Quite often, students end up taking mock tests casually. They do not study sincerely before attempting the examinations, and during their examinations, they leave themselves open to distractions as if it is not a real examination. That is the main problem with students; mock examinations have only one purpose, and that is to help you gauge or measure your proficiency or level of expertise at the various subjects.

Bear in mind that the examination preparation companies such as Entri create the mock tests as similar to the actual examinations as they can, because we want you to have the complete examination-like experience whenever you attempt a mock exam with us. However, for that to be ensured, you need to put in efforts from your side as well.

Please take mock examination seriously and ensure that before you sit for any mock examination, you clear your study or exam environment (wherever you are sitting for attempting the examination) is 100% clear and free from distractions of any sort. This includes your mobile phone, too.

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Analyze Your Performance

When you take a mock test, do not simply feel happy or sad from the result that flashes on your screen, but also analyze where you went wrong and why you made the mistake. For example, in the case of logical reasoning, Syllogisms might seem easy, but they are easy to make mistakes in for the same reason.

Those days, it has become a trend for students to flash their mock examination scores in public forums where other government and banking job aspirants hang out and brag or boast about them. Entri does NOT support or encourage this trend, because mocks are supposed to be used only as a tool for improvement and not a destination.

Ideally, when you are preparing for IBPS PO 2019, you need to start by taking a mock test even if you think you know nothing about English, Logical Reasoning, or Quantitative Aptitude. The purpose of this mock test is to help you identify your WEAKEST link or area in or amongst all the chapters so that you can start with that portion or part and improve yourself at solving questions that come from there. Likewise, when you feel confident about your preparation, take another mock test to gauge your level of proficiency and continue working on those areas where you keep making mistakes in.

However, sometimes, it is better to simply quit or omit a question altogether as the effort you spend solving it may not be worth the grade point allocated to it.

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Know When to Omit

IBPS PO 2019 carries negative marking for wrong answers. In the examination, you are certainly required to score a certain amount of marks in each section as well as the overall examination to clear the cut-offs, but there is no need for you to answer every question. In 1 hour, you have 3 sections (in IBPS PO 2019 Prelims) and you are given a total of 100 questions to attempt within 60 minutes.

That leaves us with 60/100 = 0.6 minute per question or approximately 36 seconds per question.

Not all questions are the same; some are from topics you have practiced very well and are confident about while others are from topics that you think you can solve with some effort. But because you have only 36 seconds per question, prioritize your time in solving those questions that you are the most confident about. If at any point you do not feel comfortable attempting a question, it is better to skip it altogether.

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IBPS PO 2019 Exam Tips – Summary

The key takeaways from this article are:

  1. Always be thorough with the syllabus. You do not have to study the entire syllabus for each section to perfection, but be aware of the relative importance of each chapter for each section in terms of their marking and weightage.
  2. Take your mock examinations seriously. Do not waste the mock tests on casual practice. There are quizzes for that.
  3. Do not get emotionally affected by your marks or grades. Instead, try and analyze where you are losing marks and revisit those chapters/sections.
  4. IBPS PO 2019 examinations do not require you to answer all the questions, so if you are not sure about some question, just skip it.

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