IBPS PO Interview Questions


The interview is the last hurdle for the aspirants before the Probationary Officer job in the public sector banks. IBPS PO interview questions are usually predictable. This same predictability makes it tough too. Rather than the knowledge spontaneity will be the on check. One can expect questions from all sorts of his/her personal life to international monetary policies. Try to be aware of world affairs especially the market news.

While facing the IBPS PO interview questions try to be calm and composed. Be alert. If you are not aware of any questions don’t try to take a wild guess. Those will take a toll on your marks. On average the majority will get scores in 60 -80 marks range, so try to score more in your written examination. Interested candidates can check here for more details about the IBPS PO written examination

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IBPS PO Interview Questions

Here are the few questions which were asked in the previous year interviews. Try to take a look at them to understand what to expect in the IBPS PO Interview questions. Like all other interviews, self-introduction, and details about the native state/town will be asked as an ice breaker. So make sure to frame a good response with 5 -7 sentences. Try no to have long responses.

Personal Questions

  • Introduce yourself
  • What is the specialty of your state(or town)?
  • Questions about your family background
  • About the graduation discipline
  • If you are a non-commerce graduate, you can expect questions about why you want to pursue a banking career?
  • Plans for your future, like in a career and in education
  • Why we hire you?
  • Why do you want to work in a bank?
  • Questions about your experiences, if any.
  • How you are going to cope up with the work pressure?
  • How do you justify that a non-commerce graduate(if you are one) is pursuing a banking career?

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Banking Awareness

  • Expect some questions from the current affairs (Make reading newspapers your habit)
  • About different schemes of the government, try to read about them( like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Kisan Credit Card, etc..)
  • Fiscal deficit, monetary policy, and the budget

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  • International Market Scenario
  • Different types of cheques, accounts
  • Role of RBI, SEBI
  • Important banking terms like NEFT, RTGS their differences
  •  Functions of banks other than taking deposits and giving out loans
  • Opinion about the NPAs and money laundering
  • AADHAAR Seeding Account
  • Zero balance accounts
  • Credit cards, debit cards, payment systems
  • Payment apps (BHIM, Google Pay, etc) – pros and cons over traditional banking
  • Banking Charges for the transactions
  • Expect questions from the news

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These questions are based on the experience of the previous attendees. Don’t limit yourself with this, but make sure that you know at least this much.

While attending the IBPS PO interview questions, try to be in formal attire. Don’t blabber nonsense, if you are not sure about something to convey the same. The interview board will not judge you with a single question. Be confident, prepare ourself IBPS PO interview is not a hard nut. With proper guidance and preparation, you can crack it with ease.

Entri wishes you all the very best for your IBPS PO Interview preparation.



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