Kerala PSC LDC Video Course

kerala psc ldc video course

What makes you a better learner? Is it the hard work that you put into the whole topic? Or is it the smart work of highlighting the prime portions? Don’t get over confused. Because entri application brings forth the innovative idea of video classes which enables the students to catch up with the topics, ideas, and concepts easily.  What makes it different is that the topic is divided as per the need and necessity of the learners. Details about Kerala PSC LDC video course is given here.

The entri application gives a wide focus upon each user’s opinion and feedback to measure and improvise the video classes. The application mainly focuses on the subjects as a whole and divides a particular subject into small categories. Each category is further divided as per the difficulty of the subject. Thus a complete assurance about the efficacy of the topics provided can be found in entri application.

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Kerala PSC LDC Syllabus

Kerala PSC is given much emphasis in the video courses as it is a much appealing sector. The video courses for the LDC are also provided with a further detailed analysis of each topic mentioned in the general syllabus. The exam pattern is taken into consideration and the users are instructed to follow the topics in an exam point of view by highlighting the prominent and most relevant portions. Along with the updated syllabus video classes, the implication of previous year question papers make the study more effective. What entri application tries to induce is the capability or skill for its learners to crack the government exams, especially exams like LDC.

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The general topics that come under the Kerala PSC LDC syllabus are :
·        Numbers- Test of divisibility
·        Ratio and Proportions
·        Mensuration
·        Classification
·        Letter and numbers
·        Direction
·        Articles and prepositions
·        Conjunction
·        Singular and plural
·        Gender
·        Idioms and their meanings
·        Active and passive voice
·        Space visualization
·        Judgment
·        Arithmetical number series
·        Non -verbal series
·        Problem-solving
·        Decision making
·        Awards and honors
·        Books
·        Current affairs
·        Physical features
·        Demography
·        Renaissance of Kerala
·        Indian constitution and politics
·        Social welfare schemes
·        Important world, national and regional events
·        Percentage
·        Time and work
·        Data interpretation
·        Trains
·        Simple and compound interest
·        Ratio and proposition
·        Problems on age
·        Percentage and interest
·        Calculation and logic-
·        Calendar, clocks, train-related questions
·        Adjectives and adverbs
·        Direct and indirect speech
·        Correction in sentences
·        Substitute problem concerning words
·        Visual memory
·        Relationship concepts
·        Analogies
·        Similarities and differences
·        Abbreviations
·        Sports
·        Important days
·        Economic and social development
·        Poverty alleviation
·        Books and authors
·        Scientific research
·        Facts about Kerala
·        Probability

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These are the general concepts that come under the Kerala PSC LDC. It is relevant for the students to go through every topic to crack the examination. But going through all the topics without particular focus might be futile. Thus it is advisable to take wise classes from experienced teachers for better knowledge of the topics.

Teaching faculty and video classes

The teaching faculty provided by the entri application is highly qualified with much experience to ensure the enrichment of users who are preparing for PSC LDC examinations. The students who are preparing for the LDC can rely on the video courses provide by the professors of entri as they have their clear cut focus on how to crack the examinations.

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The teaching strategy

Through innovative ideas,, is providing beneficiary educational sources for the students who are preparing for the government exams. The syllabus is thoroughly covered in the whole video course sections. Initially, each topic is divided as per the need and necessity of the users. The difficult topics are emphasized in the video classes to assure the better benefit of the students.  The divided topics are considered as each episode and the users can access it at any time for the revising and learning process. With examples and references along with the practice questions and previous questions, the section makes the study effective.

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How to access Kerala PSC video classes?

The video classes of Kerala PSC LDC can be accessed through the entri application. The free 7 days trial can be used by any new user. After the trial days, the users are instructed to subscribe and pay for the video classes. Thus with the particular payment referred to the topics, the users can access the rest of the video classes. They can play and replay the videos as per their interest for the study purpose.

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Entri App video courses

Entri App provides a wide scope of study tools and sources for its users. Just download the application and start your studies right now. Subscribe for the video classes and crack any competitive exam. Nowadays the study pattern for the government exams are being more laborious, thus an easy tactic is a necessity. So it is time to access the innovative tactic of video classes in Entri App.

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