List of All Political Parties in India

political parties in India

India has a very diverse multi-party political system. All the political parties that wish to contest local, state or national elections are required to be registered by the Election Commission of India(ECI). Registered parties are upgraded as recognized national or state level parties based upon objective criteria. A recognized party enjoys privileges like reserved party symbol, free broadcast time on state-run television and radio in the favour of the party, a consultation in setting of election dates and giving input in setting electoral rules and regulations.

There are three types of political parties in India :

1. National Parties

2. State Recognized Parties

3. Unrecognized Parties

National Party:

A registered party is recognised as a National Party only if it fulfils any one of the following three conditions:

1. If a party wins 2% of seats in the Lok Sabha (as of 2014, 11 seats) from at least 3 different States. or

2. At a General Election to Lok Sabha or Legislative Assembly, the party polls 6% of votes in four States in addition to 4 Lok Sabha seats. or

3. A party is recognised as a State Party in four or more States.

List Of All National Parties in India:

There are 7 national parties in India

State recognized parties:

A party has to fulfill any of the following conditions for recognition as a state party:

  1. A party should win minimum three percent of the total number of seats or a minimum of three seats in the Legislative Assembly.
  2. A party should win at least one seat in the Lok Sabha for every 25 seats or any fraction thereof allotted to that State.
  3. A party should secure at least six percent of the total valid votes polled during general election to a Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly and should, in addition, win at least one Lok Sabha, and two Legislative Assembly seats in that election,
  4. Under the liberalized criteria, one more clause that it will be eligible for recognition as state party if it secures 8% or more of the total valid votes polled in the state, addition to one seat in any state.

      List of all state parties in India :

Registered Unrecognized Parties:

An Unrecognized political party is the one who do not have the privilege of contesting the elections on a symbol of its own.They have to choose one symbol out of the list of ‘free symbols’ issued by the poll panel.

There are more than hundred registered unrecognized political parties in India.Some of them are enlisted below:

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