Methods and Tricks to Prepare for Kerala PSC LDC 2020

Methods tips to prepare for Kerala PSC LDC succeed the exam

These days, dream job that many people often wishes to achieve is for a Government Job.Main attractions are certainly the salary package as well as the job security that comes along with a government job.Therefore, 2019-2020 will be an year were many Government exam announcements are likely to happen  and people can have their hopes held high. Having said this, Kerala PSC aspirants have been through that phase where you are drawn closer to the exam, you engulf in stress and anxiety and end up being overburdened. There are methods and tricks to ace any exam with highest marks possible.One such exam where people burn their midnight oil is for the Kerala PSC LDC (Lower Division Clerk) Exam 2020

It is the most awaited exam as huge mass of people appear for every time.This has far reaching benefits as candidates who ace the exam will be posted to various lower division clerk posts in various Kerala Government Offices, Village Assistant in the Revenue Department.Apart from this, LDC clerk posts in municipal common service in Kerala are also available.Kerala Public Service Commission had announced the Kerala Lower Division Clerk exam notification on March 2019.

Kerala PSC LDC has by far the highest level of competition in Kerala as this is a 10th level Exam.This year followed by the LDC exam, VEO will also have much higher level of competition. Most compelling and indispensable part of Kerala PSC LDC Exam is that it can include questions from any section regardless of the syllabus they have prescribed but with a 10th standard level.

This article will help you phrase your mind on how to get all set for the rigorous task of acing the exam with confidence.Following these leads will help you vanish the stress an anxiety in you.

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Know your Syllabus for Kerala PSC LDC 2020

Kerala PSC LDC candidates have to keep in mind that this particular exam has got a high level of competition.Therefore, it is high time the aspirants have hit the books and started their ship to sail to achieve the dream.For that, first and foremost is to have known their syllabus well.The exam pattern and the major attraction that it is a 10th level exam can give a false impression to people that the LDC exam preparation can be a piece of cake.It is definitely a big no.

Rigorous and timely preparation with a structured syllabus is a must and people crack the exam after a long hard preparation of 6 months to 1 year.If you know the syllabus well, first divide the syllabus with your prepared planned time table chart(no. of days where you can finish the syllabus).It is also to be noted that questions can be asked outside the syllabus too.2018 LDC exam had no world politics mentioned in the syllabus and so people tentatively skipped learning the part and in the exam many questions from world politics were asked.So apart from the syllabus mentioned  expect anything outside of it too.

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Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability

  • Numbers -Test of Divisibility
  • H.C.F & L.C.M- Simplification
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage and Interest
  • Time and Work -Time and Distance
  • Area, Volume (Mensuration)
  • Calendar, Clock, Train (mathematical problems)
  • Age Problems
  • Coding and Decoding -Calculation and Logic
  • Classification
  • Letter and Number Series
  • Odd one problems
  • Date and Calendar _ Alphabetic arrangement of words.
  • Direction

General Knowledge

  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge  related to the regional language, it’s culture, politics, history etc.
  • Awards and Honors
  • Current Events
  • Important Books
  • Main Political Events
  • National and International related Current Affairs
  • Abbreviations
  • Important Days
  • Financial and Economic News Events
  • Books and Authors
  • Inventions and Discoveries-Science related
  • Sports Events
  • India and its Neighboring Countries
  • Indian Geography
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Demography
  • History of India
  • Facts about Kerala
  • Kerala during the time of Renaissance
  • Indian Constitution and Politics
  • Social Welfare Schemes
  • Important National, International and Regional Events

Logical Reasoning

  • Analogies
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Space Visualization
  • Problem Solving
  • Analysis
  • Visual Memory
  • Relation Problems
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Verbal and Figure Classification
  • Number Series
  • Non Verbal Series

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General English

  • Subject and Verb
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Comparison of Adjectives
  • Prepositions
  • Articles
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Sentence Correction
  • Vocabulary
  • Gender related
  • Singular Plural
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Idioms and their meaning (common ones)

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 Structure of Kerala PSC LDC 2020

With the prescribed structure or exam pattern of the Kerala LDC exam, the most appropriate factors are  the timing and speed to answer the questions with the structured syllabus in hand.If you prepare with these points in mind, the distress and strain as the exam date gets closer can be avoided.

The exam pattern for the Kerala LDC 2019 is as follows;

Sl.No            Subject    Maximum Marks
1. Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability 20
2. General English 20
3. General Knowledge(Regional Language) 10
4. General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50
Total 100


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Meticulous Preparation with Stipulated Time bound.

Methodical and well arranged time table chart is a must for preparing LDC exam.Maximum number of  right answers in limited time is the goal we have to set for preparing the exam. Because time management is the key to succeed the LDC exam. Daily practice makes every aspirants one step closer to succeeding the exam.

Practicing and working out previous year question paper is always an added benefit because one will get an idea as to what all topics they usually cover and identify the most repeated questions. Also, one can refer to free mock test available in online coaching platforms.One may find many number of mock tests for free in Entri online platform.

Kerala PSC LDC Previous Year Question Papers

Get Proper Guidance

Since many online coaching platforms are available that will help you prepare for the test, often people get hesitant to try out these too.Those who have time to attend the one on one coaching classes may attend them and one who wishes for a home study can avail the online platforms too.It all depends on what will make you confident.Regular coaching classes or online platforms, can help you only 30%  and the rest all depends on your hard work and effort put in to practice all that is available to you.

But if you are confused from where to start and looking for simple methods to study, then depend on the subject matter experts.Those who are interested for an online guidance Entri App will be available for you 24×7 with experts helping you out.

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Know your strength and weakness

When you start preparing for Kerala LDC Exam you will identify your strengths ans weakness.To explain in detail, you get to know in which subjects you are at ease and the subjects you fear the most.For Ex: If someone fears for maths subject devote maximum time to the particular subject.Work out problems from the same topic everyday until the fear in you moves away.Revise the topics learned daily and then start a fresh one.At the same time if the very person is comfortable and confident in the subject English, then devote lesser time in that but make sure he looks into the subject every 4 to 5 days in a week .The same way rate your comfortable level with the subjects and allocate your time accordingly.

If you feel the subject cannot be learnt by yourself get help with the subject matter experts.Know and choose the best that can take the fear away from you.

Create a Stress Free Environment

Creating or being yourself in a positive stress free environment is an essential part among the preparation tips.This idea can be applied whether or not you are preparing for an exam.While preparations are begun, stress free environment will ease your preparation and takes the anxiety away.For you to be in such a good vibe environment, follow the steps as advised;

  • As mentioned earlier get a clear idea of how the LDC exam would be like and be clear with the details specified
  • Organize your study space so that your mind will be all set for you to sit and study
  • Take regular breaks or intervals
  • Stick to your schedule and set the goal and aim for the final exam day
  • Do not stick to one particular study space try to explore different places so that studying makes it more interesting and refreshed
  • Test yourself if you are ready, take mock test only if you have covered the topic.
  • Do not take mock test in the beginning as it would have an impact on your confidence level
  • Learn from professionals and take proper guidance.You may find out what is effective for you.Those interested to take up online sessions, you might want to take a note that Entri brings you a suitable learning and effective ways of training you with their subject matter experts.
  • Improve your memory by trying out some memory games or exercise
  • Finally but important one, include a healthy diet in your meal plan and stay hydrated
  • Reduce the anxiety level through some exercise


Following the above leads and you will definitely be good enough  to appear at the exam with confidence.Where there is a will there is a way.Remember not to get worried once exams are done.Keep up your spirit and be relaxed.Now you know how to handle the exam pressure in a professional way and succeed the exam.Go ahead and try these strategies and do not let stress get into you.Good Luck!

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