SSC CGL 2018 : Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks

SSC CGL 2018: Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks

The SSC CGL TIER 1 Exam for 2018 is here and it’s time to prepare really well to crack it. Many of the aspirants are trying hard with a time schedule for studying and doing mock tests. Yet there are many among us who are toiling their best but didn’t make out the right way to how to answer each and every question logically. So understanding the type and importance of various questions and mastering time is the ultimate formula for success. With your own built tricks here are some important tips to be known before going for the exam.

Pattern of Examination

SSC CGL Examination takes place in IV TIERS – Tier I-TIER II-TIER III and TIER IV

Tier 1Computer based [Objective Multiple Choice questions]
Tier 2Computer based [Objective Multiple Choice questions]
Tier 3Descriptive Paper in English/Hindi [Pen and Paper mode]
Tier 4Skill Test/Computer Proficiency test [Wherever applicable]

SSC –CGL Exam 2018

Exam Syllabus Tier I and Tier II

1- General Intelligence and Reasoning—25 Questions—50 Marks
2- General Awareness—25 Questions—50 Marks
3- Quantitative Aptitude—25 Questions—50 Marks
4- English Language—25 Questions—50 Marks.

Total Questions—100
Total Marks–200
Total Time—60 minutes
There is no time partition for different sections. Questions can be thus solved in any
order you want.

SSC CGL 2018 Preparation Tips

General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • Try solving difficult questions so that you can save a lot of time during the exam and never attempt to skip them as they will be the scoring questions for you gradually.
  • Schedule time for every section so that you practice questions of all kind.
  • Define and find your own logical tricks so that you can master some particular type of questions(Find this for difficult ones!).
  • Never give up. There is a usual practice of giving up some type of questions which you feel very hard in solving it. Never ever do that again. Ask the solution from an expert you know, or just google it you will definitely clear some way to the answer.


  • The best teacher for this is your textbook. Do and revise every single problem in it at least more than 3 times
  • Learn + Solve: Always try to learn some portions and then do quizzes. Please do not follow that way of, learning theory in a stretch and then practicing problems. There is a chance of skipping those quizzes when you lack time near the exam. So learn plus solve and write short notes and shortcuts.
  • Practice easy ones thoroughly because they are scoring questions and everyone does it. So easy to hard could be the choice of study pattern.
  • PUZZLES, ANALOGY, CODING, DECODING, SERIES, QUESTIONS BASED ON FIGURES. Make questions of these types easy to crack and manage time.
  • Do non-verbal reasoning topics such as figure counting, image assembling etc which requires to employ visual imagination which takes time. Practice them several times and types, to avoid them from being time-consuming.

General Awareness:

The formula is “be aware of major incidents happening in our big habitat!”

This section will be the easiest of the sections and thus score part. So revise and revise and revise.

  • Get updated with the current affairs.
  • It’s most probate able to ask you about static GK questions than latest news or current affairs. So first get through with static GK which you have until prepared and also please don’t discard current affairs.
  • To understand the type, get previous year question papers and go through it.
  • The questions will be mainly from Indian History, Geography(India and World), Economy, Political Science.
  • Make short notes and make your own interesting story for questions and answers so that you will never ever forget it.
  • Take quizzes on Static GK daily so that you collect newer questions every day.
  • There are apps like Entri, which gives you notifications about recent updates and current affairs. Depending on any such one will be much better.
  • Understand that the motive behind this section is to measure your awareness about your environment and attention to your society which any educated person is expected to have.

Quantitative Aptitude:

The tip is curious in solving logical and really really simple problems that you encounter in your life. Know that this is the calculation part and is a section which consumes a heavier part of your time.

  • Don’t lose your confidence once you failed to solve some kind of questions. The reason is not that you don’t know the answer but it’s because you need to mold your reasoning strategy typically by solving such problems daily and should also be able to do in time . Note that the latter is equally important.
  • Find the always repeated TYPE of questions from the previous years question papers and start doing that kind of problems first.
  • Focus on topics like
    • Profit and Loss
    • Percentage
    • Time and Work
    • Ratio and Proportion
    • Distance, Speed and Time
    • Data interpretation
    • Simplification
    • Age problems etc.
    • Learn important formulas and it’s your weapon when you fail to solve the question logically if it was possible.
    • Study the concepts very well and then shortcuts and tricks.
    • Understand and note down shortcuts once you know how to solve it in it’s real, exact way.
    • Do every textbook problems atleast once and understand the strategy to implement
      in each type.
  • Do mock tests daily and know your strong and weak areas and then prepare according to it.
  • Analyze your tests and concentrate on those you took more time to solve.
  • Manage and master time. This will be the most important tip for this section.

English Language:

  • It’s all about our ability to understand English and arranging the words perfectly to make a sentence.
  • This can be divided into 3 main parts
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
  • Grammar and Vocabulary make the half of your part.
  • Try to study 10 new words every day along with its synonyms and antonyms. Whether they appear in your exams or not, it will never be a wastage of time and energy, right? Taking quizzes from daily vocabulary section in Entri App will help you to improve your vocabulary part.
  • Practice a minimum of 10 comprehension questions, first from the previous question papers and then from textbooks. Reading questions first and then the passage will benefit your count of reading it more and more to derive the correct answers.
  • Reading English newspapers(The Hindu) will definitely improve your vocabulary because you will study new words each day and also will by heart it since the next the day you will notice the same word in any of the main news passage.
  • Grammar- The best way to improve your grammar is to speak it. Reading is the next best way.
  • Some of the sources for preparation are
    • ENGLISH FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS: The very best to understand the above said 3 topics.
    • Thesaurus or Offline English Dictionary App to study new words.
    • English stack Exchange
    • Grammarly



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