TNPSC Previous Year Papers- General Studies

TNPSC Previous Year Papers

TNPSC has released notification for group 2 category assistant tourist officer in Tamilnadu general subordinate service. Last date for applying the post is 20th August 2019. TNPSC has scheduled the exam date on 29th September 2019. TNPSC has also called for the most awaited post combined civil service examination group-IV and it is to be conducted on 1st September 2019. The other exams on list are sociologist and economist in Tamilnadu general service and junior scientific officer in forensic sciences department which are to be conducted on 28th August 2019.

For preparing for TNPSC exam is quiet easy and secure it through online applications. The application has notes and sample questions papers which candidate can use it without paying for it. Working out as many TNPSC previous year papers is better to clear the exam.  Some of the TNPSC Previous year paper questions are noted below.

TNPSC previous year paper question of the district educational officer main examination. Check out the questions on general studies paper 1 section A and section B.





Answer not exceeding 150 words each.

Each question carries ten marks.

Answer any six questions out of seven questions.

QN 1: Industrialization of India is one of the benefits of British Rule in India – Argue.

QN 2: Elaborate the causes of Vellore Mutiny.

QN 3: Bring out the contributions of Raja Ram Mohan Roy to National consciousness.

QN 4: Narrate the objectives and the achievements of the Justice party.

QN 5: Explain the significance of Queen Victoria’s proclamation.

QN 6: Examine the causes that led to the South Indian Rebellion.

QN 7: Examine the objectives and the activities of the Indian Association.


Answer not exceeding 250 words each.

Each question carries fifteen marks.

Answer any five questions out of six questions.


QN 8: Examine the objectives and the activities of the Indian Association.

QN 9: Examine the objectives and the activities of the Indian Association.

QN 10: British backed the Muslim league and played a vital role in the formation of Pakistan – Examine.

QN 11: Explain the causes for the failure of the Revolt of 1857.

QN 12: Evaluate the role of ‘‘Veera Pandya Kattabomman’’ in Indian freedom struggle.

QN 13: Describe the growth of Revolutionary Nationalism in India.


TNPSC Previous Years Paper Questions on Combined Civil Services Examination-II (Interview Posts) (Group-II Services)-Main written Examination conducted on 23.02.2019



(Very Short Answer Type)

Answer not exceeding 30 words each.

Each question carries three marks.

Answer any thirty questions out of thirty five questions.

QN 1: How does the p-n junction diode act as a rectifier?

QN 2: The radius of the curved surface of a plano-convex lens is 50 cm. And, the refractive index of the plano-convex lens is 1.5. Find the focal length of the plano-convex lens.

QN 3: Find the pressure due to a column of mercury 74 cm high.

QN 4: Give any three methods of pest control.

QN 5: What are the three main elements used in fertilizers and its any one use.

QN 6: Zn(s)  2H(aq)        Zn2(aq)  H2(g) Give the oxidation and reduction half cells reactions for the above reaction and write the galvanic cell set up.

QN 7: What is pedogenesis?

QN 8: What is meant by ‘BMI’?

QN 9: How is the shelf life of commercial fruits prolonged?

QN 10: If an organism respire through Lung, Explain its advantageous and why?

QN 11: Give collective account of diseases caused by Hyper and Hypo Hormonal secretion of Human Endocrine glands.

QN 12: What is occupational disease? How you involve for awareness in future?

QN 13: What is Judicial Review?

QN 14: Explain briefly what is Disaster?

QN 15: What is SMART Governance in the context of e-governance?

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